Art & Soul Artists: Steve & Sue Bennett and Marilyn Hurst

Art & Soul Artists: Steve & Sue Bennett and Marilyn Hurst are long time members of the Artists’ Workshop of Southern Oregon. The group began 33 years ago with a few artists who wanted to paint in outdoor locations in the safety and camaraderie of a group. Over the years the artists names have changed, but the goals are the same.

Paintings by these three artists have been given recognition for representing the spirit of the Artists’ Workshop. These artists express themselves in a variety of artistic styles. Marilyn Hurst’s featured painting “Rhapsody in Blue,” is executed with her expertise in Pastel. It recalls an appealing scene from the past which is still present in the Rogue Valley. Marilyn is the longest time member of the Artists’ Workshop painting group.  Steve Bennett’s painting “Above Emigrant Lake” was done in plein air with great feeling for the joy of the scene and immediacy of Pastel. “Line Dancing,” a Watercolor by Sue Bennett celebrates the colorful and lively coming of spring.

Artworks by each of these Artist’s are on display at Art & Soul Gallery  247 East Main Street  Ashland, Oregon 97520

Image Above: “Rhapsody in Blue” Pastel by Marilyn Hurst

“Above Emigrant Lake”
Steve Bennett
“Line Dancing”
Sue Bennett

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