Art & Spirituality – The Need to Create

Sunday,  March 31,  2019  at  5:30 PM – 6:15 PM

Art & Soul Gallery Presents:
A Sunday Night Occasional Series:

“Art & Soul Together”

Kevin Yell  will give a talk about ” Art & Spirituality – The Need to Create”
Presentation: 5.30pm (45 minutes.)
Followed by wine and cheese, with an opportunity to talk with the presenter and gallery artists in attendance.

Kevin Yell is a semi-retired teacher and minister, as well as a multi-media artist, with a background in theater, dance, writing and design – and mathematics! Originally from the UK, he now lives in Portland, Oregon, where, among other things, he is an occasional spiritual director and popular guest preacher and workshop leader in things spiritual and /or artistic. He is  currently the President of the Clackamas County Arts Alliance, and on the Board for New Century Players, theater company.  Kevin believes that the urge to create – whether art, cooking, gardens, or as a true teacher etc., – is a uniquely human activity:  We are the only part of creation that continually uses external  symbols to communicate. These “communications” often speak  to our “Spirit” and our sense of “Spirituality.”  They can  also be seen as ways in which we mimic the fundamental nature of the Divine as understood in the Judeo/Christian story of Genesis.
This Presentation will explore the two sides of the eternal pair of questions that are simultaneously both artistic and  spiritual/theological: “What is the creator saying?” And “what do I hear/see/experience?”

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