Darcie Sternenberg ~ Photographer

Darcie Sternenberg portrait
Darcie Sternenberg

Darcie Sternenberg is a Jacksonville-based black and white fine art photographer who looks for unique perspectives in the natural world.  For her, making these images involves a deliberate process of searching for and ultimately visualizing the familiar, forgotten or unnoticed in an extraordinary way.


Her work has been featured in print in LensworkSeeing in SixesBlack and White Magazine as well as online in Shadow and Light Magazine.  She was a Critical Mass finalist in 2018 and 2019.  Her work has received awards and recognition from the Julia Margaret Cameron Awards and International Photography Awards and in 2017 she was selected as one of the “Best of the best” emerging fine art photographers by BWgallerist.  Her work has been part of numerous exhibits nationally and internationally including a solo show in Portland, Oregon and 2-person show in Monterey, California.


Website : DarcieSternenberg.COM

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