Erin Cam ~ Oil Artist

Erin Cam HeadshotAs a native Oregonian I’ve resided on the coast, the mountains of Eastern Oregon and the Rogue Valley. I’ve studied drawing, painting, and sculpture at Eastern Oregon University and hold a bachelor’s degree in fine art. Alongside an art degree I have a background in education where I received a master’s degree in teaching from Southern Oregon University. I previously taught elementary school and youth art class.
I appreciate the problem-solving quality of painting and feel that placing ideas to canvas can be both very challenging and rewarding. I am interested in light and movement and seek out subjects which allow me to investigate these topics through oil painting. Birds, animals, and children are among my favorite subject matter as they often have a story to tell.

“It is my goal to have my work achieve a connection with the viewer through storytelling and capturing moments in time as our mind and memory replay them.” ~ Erin Cam