Jeff Fennel ~Multi Media Artist

Acrylic and Oil painter Jeff FennelArtifacts of Tomorrow

Jeff’s work draws inspiration from a variety of cultures and creative disciplines. His interests in Science, Archaeology, Spirituality, Music & Nature combine in mysterious and unexpected ways. These diverse interests spiral in a visionary kaleidoscope resulting in exciting, dynamic paintings and sculptures with profound presence.

One of the strengths of Jeff’s work is the synergy and tension which exist between the aluminum and the imagery within the piece. The cool, industrial quality of the metal combined with visions inspired by nature, science or his inner spirit result in works that surpass their humble origins.

The aluminum is such an exciting material to work with. The physical grinding of the surface into patterns which dance with energy and light is a real thrill. I generally have the music cranked and the motion and kinetic flow of the piece just develops itself. Each piece, each touch, each “brushstroke” is unique. Even when creating a series of similar pieces, they each develop their own voice, their own light, their own music.”

Cropping and color are close approximations of actual artwork.
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