Joan L Brown ~ Oil & Watercolor Artist

Watercolor and Oil painter Joan L BrownI believe art, whether it be a painting, a piece of music, or a theater performance can remind us of what is beautiful and worthwhile, of what is sublime.  I try to capture and express that beauty in my paintings.  In my head is an endless series of images of landscapes, scenes and people that take my breath away and that I want to share.

A good day for me includes being in the studio with a brush in my hands.  I may make something wonderful or I may make a mess.  It has become the process that matters.  The act of creating has become necessary, spiritual and … mysterious.

It is a painting and it has a will and a way of its own.  Like so many things in life, we must learn to dance with it.  Each time I pick up a brush, I know a lesson is about to begin.  It try to follow closely, sway to the rhythm around me, and hope for a tango now and then.


Cropping and color are close approximations of actual artwork.
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