JoAnn West Pearce ~ Pastel Artist

Pastel artist JoAnn PearceWhen JoAnn was eleven she was discovered by her parents drawing in her closet late one night by the light of a candle.  Since then her love of art and art making hasn’t diminished, although her lighting arrangements have been drastically improved. She worked for many years as a civil and mechanical draftsman and designer.  From there she moved on to owning a designer gallery in Florida.  Even while she balanced the demands of family, home and a career, she always knew that someday she would be able to return full time to her art.  When she and her husband relocated to the Rogue Valley in 1995 she knew that time had finally arrived.
JoAnn has studied art at Rogue Community College and with noted pastel artist, Roni Marsh.  JoAnn’s award winning work has received wide regional recognition and has been featured in several local shows.  Her handling of her subject matter and materials reveals a growing mastery of her skills and a talent for conveying sense of mood and a subjective interpretation of the visual world.  Her infectious enthusiasm and love for making art drives her continuing growth and saves as an inspiration to create.  As she said, “Art is now my passion and my exploration of it is the most intriguing thing I could think of doing.”  As she moves from candlelight to spotlight her work has the power to inspire us all.


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