Kristine Ballenger ~ Fusion Artist

I originally began my art journey using watercolor, alcohol ink, acrylic and finally resin to create unique works of art. I enjoyed using bright colors in unexpected ways and was fortunate to find a niche for my art in several galleries. I always enjoy seeing things from different perspectives and finding new ways to use my art, whether it be in my paintings, altered books or fabric applications. I like to make art that is interactive and encourages the viewer to use their imagination. My goal as an artist is to attract the viewer with color and pattern on an otherwise usual subject, encouraging a depth of feeling. 


FUSION is the process of combining two or more distinct entities into a new whole. FUSION ART is the artistic melding of detailed abstracts of my original art and layered digital photography using a dye sublimation process to permanently fuse the combined image into metal. I find these reproductions create vibrancy and definition better than any other medium for this application. The result is an interesting blending of the two art processes and each art form is complemented by the other. As in the case of animal photography, often the fusion of color and pattern to the photo enhances the image to inspire the viewer to connect more deeply with the natural environment and to accentuate the expressive personality of the subject.


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