Leslie Gibbons ~ Multi Media Artist

Photo of Leslie Gibbons“I have been creating mixed media mosaic altars, shrines milagros for over 30 years; and have always been deeply drawn to and inspired by sacred art from around the world….specifically the shared journey of creativity and spiritual awakening found in all cultures since ancient times .I experience art -making as a form of creative prayer that is medicine for the soul of the giver and the receiver. I am passionate, grateful, and honored to share my inspiration and journey with others! All of my artwork is original and hand crafted with deep love –please enjoy!

Leslie Gibbons, M.Ed./Art;   brings over 30 years of professional experience as a gifted healing arts facilitator, Educator and Artist. She has extensive training in: indigenous wisdom traditions, Qi-Gong, Energy Medicine, Reiki, and Eastern meditative practices. She is an inspired mixed media Artist living joyfully in the Rogue Valley of Southern Oregon.

please visit: www.sacredcreativity.com