Linda Boutacoff ~Watercolor Artist

Watercolor artist Linda BoutacoffLinda Boutacoff was born in Hollywood, California and spent her childhood in the Los Angeles area. After receiving her BA in Commercial Art from San Jose State University, she worked as a graphic artist in San Francisco and Austin, Texas. Since 1972, Linda has lived along the Rogue River in rural southern Oregon.

Linda’s paintings reflect her love of nature and the Northwest, as well as her background in graphic design. Her work is recognized for mastery in creating delicate visual statements through bold use of color and design.

When asked to describe the inspiration for her paintings, she responds:
“Whether walking through the woods or climbing on boulders along a river, I am always observing; fascinated, just taking it all in…nature’s magic. It is this excitement and emotion I try to capture in my paintings. I am intrigued by intimate, close up views. Although my subject matter is realistic, my interpretation is often abstract. Developing a painting with a strong design and rhythm through the use of shapes, rich textures and patterns is important to me. I like to use color and the interplay of light and shadow to create a mood and personality. This journey of creating a watercolor or collage from an idea or impression excites me and inspires me to paint.”

In addition to painting watercolors and collage, Linda has been commissioned to create large, permanent murals for public and private institutions. She has taught watercolor classes for all ages and participated in the statewide Artist-in-Education program for ten years. She was selected to do the painting for the 1991 Britt Music Festival poster.

Art   Soul Gallery, Ashland, Oregon
Exclusive Accents Gallery, Medford, Oregon

Artist’s of the Northwest, Volume 1

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