Randye Jensen ~ Pastel Artist

Pastel artist Randye Jensen“In wildness is the preservation of the world…,” a quote by Henry Thoreau which I hold to be true.…..it’s the title of a book I came across as a teenager growing up in Brooklyn, New York, published over 50 years ago, a coffee table book, often referred to as the first of its kind,  published by the founder of the Sierra Club David Brower and photographer Eliot Porter. For someone who grew up above a store that sold tombstones it was a door to a different world, one that I would eventually open.

I continue to explore my passion for the natural world, backpacking, painting, biking, hiking… and choose to spend what time I can immersed in the beauty and grandeur that continue to awe and inspire me, whether I’m painting on location or in my studio at home.

When I paint outdoors I am trying to capture a moment in time.   Inhaling the light and the scene around me I attempt to create a little magic on a two dimensional piece of paper.  When I am painting in my studio I am reliving that moment when something I saw captivated my senses.

Painting is a never ending study of light…of atmospheric perspective ….gauzy drapes appearing to cover distant mountains.. bolder more vibrant colors at my feet.. near and far…,  A search for patterns, rhythms, movement…. voice…

Through my paintings I’m hoping to share with you a little bit of the wonder and the complexity..the subtlety and grandeur of the places I call home.

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