Diana Portrait

Diana paints on a white ground, which reflects light through many layers of oil paint, so that her paintings glow.  This is the illuminist style, used by the Hudson river School and taught to her by Louise Cunningham in the 90’s after Diana had studied painting at UCSC, earning a BA and a fifth year certificate in painting.

Since then, Diana has been a professional face painter, painting all over the Bay Area, including 15 years as the painter for the Santa Cruz Beach Broadwalk.  She worked in the Bay Area as a teacher, set painter and Portrait artist until 2006 when she moved to Northern California.

Diana lives and shares a studio with landscape painter and husband Bruce Davidson.  They travel together and paint “side by side” all over California and Oregon.

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"Morning Mist Our Place"
“Morning Mist Our Place” oil


"Aurora" oil


"Caregiver" oil


"Many Skirts" oil
“Many Skirts”


"Olympics of Digging" oil
“Olympics of Digging”


"Redwood Mist" oil
“Redwood Mist”


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