Dodie Hamilton is a retired art teacher who has been painting, teaching and showing her watercolors in the Rogue Valley since 1981, when she moved here from the San Francisco area. She is a winner of numerous awards including a first and a sweepstakes from the Watercolor Society of Oregon shows. Hamilton also had an aqueous media painting accepted for the American Watercolor Society show for 1996 in New York, where it won a fifth place and CFS medal. She is past president of the Watercolor Society of Oregon, executive director of the Art and Soul Gallery in Ashland, Oregon, and teaches and paints in her studio in Medford, where visitors are welcome.

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Swaying Softly in a Spring Breeze 30" x 36" watercolor
Swaying Softly in a Spring Breeze
30″ x 36″ watercolor


Jacksonville Vista 20" x 26" watercolor
Jacksonville Vista
20″ x 26″ watercolor


Tres Paraguas 24" x 28" watercolor
Tres Paraguas
24″ x 28″ watercolor


Geraniums in Portugal 24" x 28" watercolor
Geraniums in Portugal
24″ x 28″ watercolor


Breath of Spring 24" x 20" watercolor
Breath of Spring
24″ x 20″ watercolor


Beauty Parade 36" x 30" watercolor
Beauty Parade
36″ x 30″ watercolor


Sunflower Serenade 30" x 36" watercolor
Sunflower Serenade
30″ x 36″ watercolor


Poppies 36" x 30" watercolor
36″ x 30″ watercolor


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