I paint to immerse myself in beauty and this feels like a natural expression of my joy. When I paint, I feel connected with something deeply part of the human experience that there is a resonance with the artist who came before me and will come after and this carries me into the flow of and history of time yet something timeless. I like it.

As a young woman, I explored painting yet went in very different and varied directions. I practiced law and mediation in California, taught Ethics at UC Berkeley, and worked as a facilitator of emotional and spiritual work which succeeded in bringing me back to myself and painting. I love the movement of shapes and light, creamy rich colors and fleeting glimpses of light dancing with each arising and falling away moment. I love being with my subject and the intimacy of capturing the soul of a human, essence of a cityscape or nature or light traveling across a still life. There is a lot of joy in my work and I hope you enjoy it.


 "Taos" Oil

“Taos” Oil


"Capitol Havana" Oil
“Capitol Havana” Oil


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