Joanna French

Making the world beautiful–one painting at a time.

My history with art began with sculpture. I was drawn to sculpting old people. They have so much more character in their faces and hands. I was trying to find fabric to dress an old woman who was quilting, as she rocked in an antique chair. I became frustrated when I was unable to find the ‘right’ fabric for the sculpture. I began reading about fabric dying, bought the necessary tools…and a fascination with silk painting was born.

Silk painting is difficult. I will be the first to admit that. There are fewer than 200 professional silk painters in the U.S. It can be an exacting and unforgiving medium. Most of my finished works have been painted several times, as I try to get them right! However silk painting is also challenging and constantly stimulating.

I have been painting with dye on silk for over 20 years. My interest in art began as an emotional refuge during an intense career, working as a Mental Health therapist with combat veterans. Since retirement I continue silk painting because it has become a passion.

This rare art is not only challenging, it is also the basis for paintings with brilliant colors, and flowing dye. It uses a tremendously wide variety of techniques. It explodes with a creativity I do not find in other types of painting. In short,silk painting is unique, inspiring, and intriguing …downright wonderful.

“Cherry Blossoms”
dye on silk



dye on silk


“Journey’s End”
dye on silk


dye on silk


“Summer’s Heat”
dye on silk

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