June 7, 1943 – May 22, 2018

Growing up in Ashland attending local schools, I was one of those children who drew instead of going to recess. Art in high school included about every media except watercolor. I later dabbled with illustrating children’s stories in pen and ink. Adding watercolor was a natural progression. That led me to begin studying watercolors. Subsequent classes from a variety of painters have followed.

Most of my artistic expression has centered around music. For twelve years I was a musician at the Oregon Shakespearean Festival, sketching actors in the green room between cues. I attended Pacific Lutheran University, transferring to Indiana University with a Bachelor of Music in Education. I taught orchestra in Bend, Oregon, for three years, then got a Masters in Music from Ohio University. I taught in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, for five years before returning to Oregon to teach in the Medford School District. I have retired from teaching and enjoy “real life” painting, playing cello in the Rogue Valley symphony, Britt Orchestra and chamber music, and my family.

"Zinnia 7" by Judy Bjorlie
“Zinnia 7” by Judy Bjorlie
A Patch of Snow 75" x 22" Watercolor
A Patch of Snow
75″ x 22″ Watercolor


Daisy Girl 17" x 11" Watercolor
Daisy Girl
17″ x 11″ Watercolor


Christmas Fireworks 14" x 22" Watercolor
Christmas Fireworks
14″ x 22″ Watercolor


Fog over Ashland 21.5" x 14.5" Watercolor
Fog over Ashland
21.5″ x 14.5″ Watercolor


Grendl in the Sun 14" x 22" Watercolor
Grendl in the Sun
14″ x 22″ Watercolor


Lassen, Manzanita & Snow 14.5" x 21.5" Watercolor
Lassen, Manzanita & Snow
14.5″ x 21.5″ Watercolor


Michelle's Peony 21.5" x 13.5" Watercolor
Michelle’s Peony
21.5″ x 13.5″ Watercolor


Samuel Goldenberg & Schmuyle 14.5" x 21.5" Watercolor
Samuel Goldenberg & Schmuyle
14.5″ x 21.5″ Watercolor


Sea Turtle 11" x 14" Watercolor
Sea Turtle
11″ x 14″ Watercolor


The Violist 13.5" x 22" Watercolor
The Violist
13.5″ x 22″ Watercolor


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