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My inspiration for painting on silk is influenced by my experience while growing up in
Hawaii with a family who appreciated art, music, exotic cultures and a love of nature, as well as my observations of nature while hiking throughout Oregon. After reading countless articles about the perils of nature and it’s wildlife, I chose to express the
urgency of man’s awareness and accountability for his role in this degradation. My work attempts to reflect this. The beauty of our natural world and its preservation pleases my soul and also inspires me to create.
My silk scarves and wall hangings can be viewed on my website and in various art venues and businesses throughout Oregon, as well as Gallery One in Grants Pass and Brian Scott Gallery in Brookings. I am a member of the Arts Alliance of Rogue Valley and Southern Oregon Guild of Artists and Artisans.


email:   Judy Elliott

Judy Elliott’s Website


“Hawaiian Sea Turtles”
hand painted silk


"Nautilus Extraordinaire" handpainted silk
“Nautilus Extraordinaire”
hand painted silk


"Dinner! " handpainted silk
“Dinner! “
hand painted silk


"Red Hibiscus" hand painted silk
“Red Hibiscus” (Hawaii’s State Flower)
hand painted silk


“Humuhumunukunukuapua’a” (Trigger Fish)
hand painted silk


"Sunset" handpainted silk
hand painted silk



Cropping and color are close approximations of actual artwork.
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Artwork can be received at the gallery or shipped to your location.

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