I began studying art and photography in 1999 as part of a degree program. I use photography as a tool to explore my surroundings. The places I visit are often themes for the paintings I later create in my studio. I paint in both oil and pastel. Each of these mediums allows me to connect with different parts of my emotional response to the world around me.

My subjects include nature, man made objects, or just visualizations from my imagination. I have found that taking the time to slow down and listen to my inner voice allows me to make a visual connection. The longer I meditate on being present in the moment, the more I am able to discover the beauty and wonder that surrounds me. If I take the time to just look, without acting, I discover a deeper level to the world I live in. Through exploration and connecting with all elements experienced in everyday life, I am able to create. That sensory memory is what dictates my art and gives meaning to my life.

East Grove in Winter
Mount Ashland Roots



Cropping and color are close approximations of actual artwork.
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