I am a mixed-media painter of nature. I work hard to develop paintings that speak to the beauty of our natural world and increase the desire to preserve that beauty. My inspiration comes from living on a wooded high-elevation property near Ashland. Although I have always been a hiker and nature lover, I came to painting fairly late in life. I now devote myself to full time painting in watercolor and acrylics after retiring from a career as a social science Professor at Stanford and U. Texas-Austin. After retiring, I trained with nationally known artists and have now won awards for my work and have received private and public commissions. I recently completed a summer at Lassen National Park as their 2015 artist-in-residence and continue to be inspired by that experience.

Much as nature is created through the addition and washing away of materials over time, my artistic process involves creating layers in my art. The top layers show traces of those below, creating strata of natural meaning. My painting process involves washing paints over plants, stones, shells and other natural materials. These materials are then removed, but they leave their imprint on the surface. I often use paint in a way that mimics natural processes. e.g., washes of watercolor produce rivulets and wave-like patterns like those found in the ocean. Salts and stones texture paint in patterns that mimic wind-blown surfaces and geological layers. I often work on clay paint surfaces, which can be carved into, thus marrying 2D and 3D art. The resulting paintings are colorful, highly textured, and semi-abstract, but the natural forms can still be identified.

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Pamela Haunschild - In My Sleeping Bag
“In My Sleeping Bag”
watercolor on clayboard


Pam Haunschild
watercolor on paper


Pam Haunschild - In The Redwoods
“In the Redwoods”
watercolor on clayboard


Pam Haunschild - Nautilus Ring
“Nautilus Ring”
watercolor on clayboard


Grebe Love - Pamela Haunschild
“Gerbe Love”
mixed media


Faultlines - Pamela Haunschild


Black Aurora watercolor on clayboard
“Black Aurora”
watercolor on clayboard


Octopus Garden - Pam Haunschild
“Octopus Garden”
watercolor on clayboard


"Teasel I " watercolor
“Teasel I “


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