Silvia Rothschild Trujillo

Artist statement

I live, breathe, and sleep art”. Creating art is a way of life for me. As a painting/drawing instructor for over 25 yrs, it brings me great joy to know that I’ve inspired and fostered expert work in many others over the years.

I consistently produce artwork that expresses a deep regard for nature. Landscape painting is a natural extension of this love and it attracts me to the dramatic light that occurs during a storm, or at dawn or dusk.

It’s my goal to honor land, water, and sky in my paintings and create a need for preserving an area’s natural beauty. I believe that my art appeals to those who share the same sentiments and to anyone with an appreciation of nature, color, and light.

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Summer Field by Silvia Rothschild Trujillo
“Summer Field”


Misty Veil by Sllvia Rothschild Trujillo
“Misty Veil”


From One Mountain to Another by Silvia Rothschild Trujillo
“From One Mountain to Another”




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