“Fresh Paint” by Jenay Elder

"Grizzly Peak Sunset" acrylic painting by Jenay Elder

“Fresh Paint” new acrylic and oil paintings from Jenay Elder.

New year, new works, fresh paint. This exhibit features artwork by artist Jenay Elder in acrylic and oil paint that represents regional landscapes; expressive scenes from our local parks, ponds, and neighborhood. Playful designs featuring terrestrial animals of all sorts, here and now. Beware – wet paint!

"Mama Bear" Oil Painting by Jenay Elder
“Mama Bear” Oil Painting by Jenay Elder

About Jenay:

Painter Jenay Elder resides and paints in Ashland, Oregon. With an early interest in painting, Jenay studied art throughout school and independently before pursuing training in a classical fashion in a four year Atelier program. Her colorful and textured oil paintings consist of subjects in still life, portraiture and plein air.

Jenay accepts commissions and teaches classes in Ashland, Oregon.