For Artists Interested in applying to Art and Soul Gallery


The Art & Soul Gallery is an LLC owned by 4 local Artists. All Artists who submit an application are juried for exhibiting.

Artists will need a large body (6-8) of high quality paintings to exhibit at any one time.

There is a payment of a monthly fee, a one time website set up fee, and gallery commission fees.

Artists are required to work in the gallery eight hours a month.

Artists are to submit 6-8 digital images. Please give medium and dimensions. A resume of art activities, memberships, honors, etc. should be included in your application. Artists will be asked to make themselves available for an interview and bring “ready to hang” original art work.

If you would like to be contacted regarding application to Art and Soul, please fill out the information below in the Application window


PH. 488-9006

Your Name:________________________________Phone:_______________
Media you work in:_____________________________
E-mail address:_______________________________Date______________
Qualifications of membership–
An established artist residing in or near the Rogue Valley (Redding to Eugene)
Pay a monthly fee of $90 and web site start up fee of $25
Work in gallery 2 shifts per month, 4 hours each
Sign up to work at least once a year at First Friday reception
A large enough body of work to show 6-8 paintings with suggested change every 3 months.
Commission of 35% from gallery sales and 10% on sales from gallery website and from contacts through the gallery, but art work not in the gallery.
How to apply–
If you meet the above qualifications, you may apply by–
Submitting 6 images of your work,
Submitting a resume, complete with galleries where you have exhibited, artists you have studied with, examples of publicity and awards you have received, and a personal reference.
Write a letter that you agree to the above terms.

This all may be done by e-mail or by the filling out the information listed above in the application window below:

Or images burned on a CD and mailed to:
Art & Soul Gallery attn: Judy Richardson
247 East Main Street Ashland, Or 9750

Further details: If the directors/owners wish to see your actual work you will be asked to bring 4-6 framed originals and come for an interview. Please have the framed work labeled with your name, title, medium and price. Your work will be juried by directors/owners and you will be notified of the result.