Featured Exhibits 2017

January Featured:  Art & Soul Artists –  “Winter Expressions”  a variety of mediums, styles and subjects depicting expressions of the winter season.

February Featured:  John Lambie – Oil and Acrylic on canvas – “I have an emotional response to deep dramatic color, and that is the bedrock of each of my paintings. Being relatively new to this creative art,  I like to learn about painting and process with each new canvas, and that has created a wide range of style and substance in my collection.  Ashland residents and visitors can see my work in Art and Soul Gallery and on stage at the Oregon Cabaret Theater.”

March Featured:  Claire O Harkins  – “Celebrate Color”,  Oil painting – Color, whimsy and strong lines help Claire celebrate color.  She likes to use interesting perspectives to draw the viewer in to her paintings.  She likes to paint divas, landscapes with a point of view and interiors that tell a story.

April Featured:  Diana Wright Troxell –  “The Wanderer”,  Oil Painting – Join Diana on her travels around California and Oregon as she records the beauty and mystery of the people and places of our extraordinary world.

May Featured: Kay Myer  – “Springs sweet flowering month of May”,  Watercolor – Medley’s of fresh colors in our garden inspire me in my paintings. As the poet Gibran wrote, “its a time to be like a flower and turn your face to the sun”.

June Featured:  Alx Fox  – “Bold Abstracts”,   Acrylic and Oil – “When I start a painting I have no preconceived notions as to what it will be when completed. I let the emotion of a certain color draw me in to start the process.  Then the dance begins. Foreground, background, where should the focal point be?  Then layers and more layers appear to form a completed work.”

July Featured:  Dixie Kinser –  “Color”,  Acrylic, Watercolor, Collage –  “I have long been fascinated by color; its variations in hues and values.  The enchanting interplay is both beautiful and satisfying.  My intent is to bring these qualities to the viewers for their enjoyment.”

August Featured: Eve Margo Withrow –  “Following The Circuitous Thread”,  Mixed Media  – “As Artists, we must surrender to the creative spark and follow the sometimes-illusive thread. This body of work explores a variety of media and techniques used during those meanderings.”

September Featured:  Pam Haunschild –  “The Birds and the Bees”, Watermedia Paintings –  Pollinators form a vital link in the regeneration of plant life.  Pam’s show will feature paintings of pollinators like birds, bees, and butterflies; along with the plants they pollinate.  Pam’s paintings are colorful and highly textured and speak to the beauty of nature.

October Featured:  Dana Feagin –  “Love Rhymes with Everything: Animal Ruminations in Poetry and Paintings”, Oil paintings –  Dana Feagin’s whimsical animal paintings in oil are given a voice through Kat von Cupcake’s poems.  Sales from this show benefit Sanctuary One. Dana and Kat’s book with the same title, published by Ashland Creek Press, will also be available.

November Featured:  Nancy Zufich  – “An Assortment of Dogs”,  Mixed Media: oil pastels, acrylics, collage, graphite –  “Inspired by the endless variety of shapes, sizes, breeds and bodies of Ashland’s dogs I see on my daily walks around town, I keep a sketchbook of my favorites.  The Dog Park is another source of action for my camera, then back to my studio where I do single dogs, or, for more fun, groups and gangs. Woof!”

December Featured: Silvia Rothschild Trujillo – “Gazing With Awe; Rogue Impressions & Beyond”,  Oil paintings – “These are paintings that communicate mood and a sense of time by coloring the light and shadow of each season, scene, or still life with a perception of beauty that begs for acknowledgment. These works encourage and inspire the viewer to see more; to see the awe in everyday occurrences or commonplace surroundings which sometimes go unnoticed during our hurried days.”