January  –  Alexis Wilson,   “Presenting Alexis Wilson”                           My artistic focus is on wildlife preservation.  I want to bring attention to endangered species as well and the human faults that caused their status.  Educating people about wildlife and the environment, restoring a connection to nature.  Adventuring in multiple mediums with mainly animal subjects. (Art & Soul Artist Dana Feagin is mentoring this Phoenix High School Art Student) Music by Rick Millward.

February – Betty Barss,   “In Love With Oregon”  Watercolor                 In all of our travels we compare the sights we see to those in Oregon. It doesn’t seem that too many places beat out Oregon’s floral, fauna, landscapes and people. This mother lode of exciting subjects that Oregon offers is what I find exciting to paint.              Music by Beth & Craig Martin.

March – Art& Soul Gallery is pleased to present three Student Artists,  Nicole Mullen, Indi Reynolds, Sierra Kelly from Ashland High School.  Their work represents a variety of mediums and genres.                                                                                                           Music by Rick Millward.

April – Lori Taylor,  Through the Eyes” watercolor,  wc / pen & ink     What if? What if there were trees where there are none? More flower baskets? The mountain peaks were closer? What if I focus only on this area?  Inspired by what is, I paint the “what if”… the familiar seen through my eyes. Half of the show features Ashland & Jacksonville locations you’ve seen many times… but never quit like this.  The other half takes familiar flowers and veggies and reveals beauty that often goes unseen.                                                             Music by Beth & Craig Martin.

May – Jenay Elder,  “Hands Full”    Oils                                                         Jenay’s exhibit titled “Hands Full”, introduces new impressionistic  and colorful oil paintings of her very favorite locations around Ashland. Colorful subjects range from landscape to figurative and highlight her experience as a mother artist residing in Southern Oregon.                                                                                                          Music by Matt Dorris

June – Penny Simmons,  “A Reminiscence “     Oils  & Watercolor         My journey in art has taken nearly twenty five years, and began with my love of watercolors. It has been an ever-evolving search for artistic expression. I have recently taken up oil painting. Now as a passionate oil painter I am consumed with studying the techniques of the masters of the Barbizon School of France. (I love oil painting however I will always appreciate and respect the challenge of the watercolor artist. Art is after all, the balance of drive, tenacity and dedication regardless of the medium. )                                              Music by Matt Dorris

July – Art & Soul Directors: Linda Boutacoff,  Lynda Hoffman-Snodgrass, Judy Richardson and Eve Margo Withrow  will be displaying their paintings in various mediums.                                Music by Beth & Craig Martin with Todd Ragland .

August – John Lambie,  “New Beginnings”   Acrylics & Oils          There are passages in our lives, and moments that help us to transcend our daily life schedules. We experience something that can stop us in our tracks and feel actual awe at the beauty of our lives, or the power of nature, or even something far more universal. I love those moments. I want my art to take you to those moments and recreate that emotional response.                                               Music by Beth & Craig Martin with Todd Ragland .

September – Marjett Schille,  “Earth Songs”                                              A meditation on the harmony of the natural world, the creatures we share the earth with and on the importance of protecting all its beauty and fragility.                                                                                   Music by Rick Millward.

October – Carla Griffin, “Mountains and More”  Oil & Pastel        Carla Griffin is a native Oregonian who lived in Texas for 19 years.  She needed to return often to get her “mountain fix” as well as visit family.  She hopes you will enjoy her love of nature as well as the excursions into other genre.                                                                  Music by Rick Millward.

November – Lynda Hoffman-Snodgrass, “Expressions“  Watermedia Focusing on abstraction with rich textures, patterns and color: my artwork is a culmination and a sharing of my life experiences, dreams, inner visions, of all I that am .                                               Music by Douglas Ross

December –  Lynda Hoffman-Snodgrass, “Expressions“  Watermedia Focusing on abstraction with rich textures, patterns and color: my artwork is a culmination and a sharing of my life experiences, dreams, inner visions, of all I that am.                      Music by Beth and Craig Martin with Todd Ragland.