“Oil & Water Don’t Mix!”

Joan L. Brown, August’s featured artist at Art & Soul Gallery has put up a delightful eclectic show.

Why watercolor?  Because it is ephemeral, spontaneous, transparent, light, a butterfly you cannot catch.  Why oil?  Because it is solid, dependable, substantive, responsible, a devoted German Shepherd.  They compliment each other.  Both are necessary in life and love.

“Painting is a meditation, an absorbing, solitary, frustrating, and rewarding activity. I think we need music in our lives.  I think we need good books to read and good art to enjoy that remind us of the beauty that surrounds us.  I think we need them more than ever at this moment.” Joan L Brown

Come see the work in person any time Friday or Saturday from 11 – 3.  Or you can make an appointment for private gallery viewing online, by calling (541) 488-9006 or emailing .

You can also preview some of the work in our newest YouTube video!



Watercolor "Fuchsia Fireworks" by Joan L. Brown
“Fuchsia Fireworks” Watercolor by Joan L. Brown


Oil painting "High Stepin'" by Joan L. Brown
“High Stepin'” Oil painting by Joan L. Brown