Spirit of Spring – Gallery Artists – March 2016

"Fuchsia Fireworks" Watercolor by Joan Brown
“Fuchsia Fireworks” Watercolor by Joan Brown
 "Spring in the Valley" Watercolor by Charlotte Peterson
“Spring in the Valley” Watercolor by Charlotte Peterson
"Emerging" Watercolor by Pamela Haunschild
“Emerging” Watercolor by Pamela Haunschild

Join us for a Celebration of Spring with colorful and creative paintings evoking the spirit of spring in a variety of mediums by artists represented by the Art and Soul Gallery. This brilliant show is a delight! First Friday Reception, will be held March 4, from 5-8 PM. Our reception will include snacks, conversation and Fine Art! Works will be exhibited from March 1 through March 27th.

Participating artists: Marilyn Hurst, Pamela Haunschild, Kay Myer, Christina Madden, Linda Abblett, Gloria Kastenberg, Charlotte Peterson, Judy Bjorlie, Judy Richardson, Eve Margo Withrow, Joan Brown, Lynda Hoffman-Snodgrass, Linda Boutacoff, Georganna Happel  and Nancy Zufich.

We will also be featuring an Ashland High School student, Angeline Love. In her words: “I am a young artist attending Ashland High School as a senior here in beautiful Ashland, Oregon. I find inspiration for my art in everything–from poems, to music, to people and interactions. I do art for fun and to reflect the beauty that I see in the world.”

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