“Earth Songs” Mixed Media by Marjett C. Schille

“The title of my exhibit, Earth Songs, describes the subject of this series: meditations on the harmony of the natural world,the beauty of its creatures and the fragile quality of that beauty. . Many of my works are composed on location and later change in the studio through my interactions with mixed media and collage. In addition, I enjoy developing impressions of nature and animals further into three dimensions through the media of fired clay. I invite the viewer to enjoy earth’s songs as interpreted through this work. If my art, even in a small way encourages people to explore, appreciat and protect nature, then, I feel it is a success.”  – Marjett C. Schille

Please join Marjett C. Schille for her Reception:
a Festive Celebration of Fine Art and Conversation
with Music by Rick Millward
on Friday September 7, 2018 from 5-8 PM
“Earth Songs”
on exhibit
September 4 – 30, 2018
Earth's Ancient Guardian 8x10 - Marjett Schille
Earth’s Ancient Guardian 8×10 – Marjett Schille


Moon Mates 8x10 - Marjett Schille
Moon Mates 8×10 – Marjett Schille


Voyagers 8x10 - Marjett Schille
Voyagers 8×10 – Marjett Schille

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