“Floral Gardens”


Come enjoy this exhibit between September 3rd and 29th at Art & Soul Gallery

First Friday Reception: September 6th from 5 – 8 pm

Music by Sidewalk Cafe

“Floral Gardens” is a series of gardens local in Ashland and from farther afield up and down the west coast. “The beauty of flower gardens have inspired me since I was a child. I love to watch the flowers dance in the bright sunshine.” Flowers and sunsets are Alice’s favorite subjects to paint. She revels in the intense, saturated colors which stimulate the senses and make life more beautiful.


Alice Niemiec has been a professional painter since 1975. After growing up in Michigan and attending Oakland Community College in Bloomfield Hills she studied for two years under the watercolor artist Richard Jersy at the Arts and Crafts – Center for Creative Studies, in Detroit. In 1975, Ms Niemiec and a group of other young artists founded The Artist Guild of Detroit, a non-profit cooperative to promote the arts in Detroit. By the end of the 1970s, Ms Niemiec migrated west to Arizona, where she first discovered landscape painting. She now lives in Ashland, Oregon, but travels to different parts of the country to paint.

“Peonies, where faeries hide” Oil by Alice Niemiec

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