“Landmarks” Oils by Jenay Elder

Jenay’s exhibit introduces new impressionistic and colorful oil paintings of her very favorite locations around Ashland. Colorful subjects range from landscape to figurative and highlight her experience as a mother artist residing in Southern Oregon.     

” Art sharpens our eyes to the world around us and tugs on our hearts. I have recently used a variety of techniques to create art. I often paint outdoors on the spot and I have started creating compositions in the studio based off plein air studies, photo references, sketches and notes. My motive is to depict different local landmarks and ideas that reflect my experience living in this inspiring area while attempting to convey something that is unseen. I am continually seeking out new experiences where I can form a philosophy to support my picture making while simultaneously honing my abilities and sensitivity. ”                        

May 1 – May 27, 2018

Please join Jenay Elder for her Reception:
a Festive Celebration of Fine Art and Conversation
with Music by Matt Dorris
on Friday May 4, 2018 from 5-8 PM


Plein air painting of Ashland Springs Hotel, Ashland Oregon by artist Jenay Elder


“Autumn Trees, Oil on Canvas”


“Path to Telos, oil on board”


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