“New Beginnings” Oils & Acrylics by John Lambie

“I started my creative journey painting in 2013 while living in Scotland. My process is varied, but I either work from an inspiring vision I see and photograph (often a combination of several visions accumulated over time), or I work from a passion about mixing paints and colors that eventually takes me by the hand to the painting’s desired destination. I am a slave to deeply pigmented colors and the emotions that they inspire in me. I paint abstracts… and representational images that take on a feeling of abstracts. I have a very optimistic outlook on life that comes through almost all of my work, even titles that sound a bit dark are of paintings that bring hopeful optimism. I live in Ashland, because of my love of the Oregon Cabaret Theater…my other home.”

Please join John Lambie for his Reception:
a Festive Celebration of Fine Art and Conversation
with  Music by Beth & Craig Martin with Todd Ragland
on Friday August 3 , 2018 from 5-8 PM
“New Beginnings”
on exhibit
August 1 – September 2 , 2018
“Contemplating the Universe” 
Acrylic on Canvas
by John Lambie
“Camo Aspens”
Acrylic on Canvas
by John Lambie

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