“AWESOME OREGON” by Steve & Sue Bennett – May 2016

Steve & Sue Bennett
Steve & Sue Bennett
Art & Soul Gallery presents the paintings of Steve & Sue Bennett as Featured Artists for the month of May.
Steve and Sue Bennett were born in Oregon, have lived most of their lives in Oregon and have enjoyed painting Oregon scenes for the last 30 years. Working to capture the love we have for this state has been the majority of our painting experiences. And wherever else we go to paint, we feel greatly privileged to come home to this beautiful state. The diversity in landscapes offers new excitement and challenges. We are so fortunate that we’re able to study discuss and learn from each other, though we are also grateful to have studied with many fine instructors in the United States and Europe.
Art has kept Sue Bennett enthralled for 40 years. A journey through college classes provided the foundation and national workshops honed skills in Watercolor and Oil. Along the way I taught sharing the love of art that opened up for me. My paintings are portrayed with simplicity of shape and rich color. I get very involved with the medium, and paint to express beauty, mood and heart staying open to gifts and surprises along the way.


Steve Bennett has been composing pictures most of his life. He practiced General Dentistry for nearly thirty years and enjoyed photography from an early age and these compositional skills gave him a jump start into painting 30 years ago. He most frequently chooses to work in pastel because of its immediacy of expression: “The pigment is right here in my hand.” His strong designs and colors add to the emotional excitement of each piece.
Most paintings for this show are favorite scenes around Oregon: The Rogue Valley, the Steens, Central Oregon and the Oregon Coast. Both Steve and Sue have garnered many awards from exhibits, invitations to museum show and have collectors who enjoy their work, but the foremost reason we paint is because we love the relationships with other artists and translating the visual beauty into a painted personal statement. For Steve and Sue Bennett, art is another dimension to the joyful journey of life, and Oregon offers much joy!
"Along the Blitzen" Pastel by Steve Bennett
“Along the Blitzen” Pastel by Steve Bennett


 "Jacksonville" Watercolor by Sue Bennett

“Jacksonville” Watercolor by Sue Bennett